Tile and Grout Cleaning

North Bay Carpet Care offers more than just carpet cleaning – we also provide tile and grout cleaning services, including stripping, cleaning and sealing to restore your tile flooring. Dirty tile and grout negatively changes the look of the flooring in your home. We know how hard it is to clean, especially in those areas where the most traffic concentrates: kitchen, bathrooms, entryways, and living rooms. Or perhaps you have tile & grout in your place of business. Let us do the dirty work for you – no job is too small or too big for us.

Using some of the best products on the market and our high-pressure, hot water rinse, we can clean all your tile and grout surfaces. We have a powerful, fast and safe, tile and grout cleaning process. You will be able to see great results anywhere in your home or business: bathroom floors, showers and tubs, kitchen floors, entryways, tiled halls, countertops, and more.

Tile and grout is porous and over time, dirt, grease, and grime can build up leaving your tile and grout looking dull. Instead of replacing or resurfacing your tile and grout, save time and money by calling one of our experts. Our professionally trained technicians will do a walk through with you to point out areas that need special cleaning.

Noth Bay Carpet Care can remove dirt, cooking residue, grease and grime from deep within tile and grout pores. Your tile is then evenly power scrubbed and steamed to extract any sealant and stripper residue. Then our cutting edge technology based agent is applied and the flooring is thoroughly covered to further remove any residue, leaving your tile and grout squeaky clean. To protect your grout lines and tile from future build-up and chipping, a seal is applied in either high gloss or semi-gloss, leaving your tile and grout looking vibrant.

At North Bay Carpet Care, we are committed to using the finest chemicals, with the proper knowledge and the highest level of professionalism and customer respect, keeping you informed through whatever service we are providing. Our years of “hands on” experience and dedication to our clients is what gives North Bay Carpet Care the edge in the industry. Give us a call today at (877) 893-9374 or (707) 540-0175 and experience what sets us apart from the rest.